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Our digital agency is an all-round specialist in “look & feel” styles for every branch. Our niches can range from E-commerce websites, to online news sites, hotels & restaurants, or services such as hospitals and consultancies. As remote-based designers we offer innovative solutions for any channel. See some ITC projects in our portfolio from this year showcasing our digital creativity.

"If you dream it, we can design it."

Travel Website

Kololi Beach Resort

A new stylish website for one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Gambia. Fully integrated with all booking platforms the website has a strong focus on visuals which give the tourists a good view and impression of the resort. The members of the Kololi Beach Club are shield off behind a password protected page.

Kololi Springs 36

Real Estate Website

Kololi Gardens

A thoughtfully designed website showcasing an exquisite apartment complex nestled in luxury, where the allure of ocean views and the serenity of nature seamlessly blend into the living experience.

Kololi Gardens Logo

Education Website

Xippia Online Education Platform

Online education is booming. Considering the endless possibilities and benefits of eLearning, our NGO department has developed a website for students and teachers with many useful links, the best online learning institutes, resources, tips and tricks to promote this form of education especially in Africa.

Computer Class Mali

Business Website

Xippia Yellow Pages Gambia

Fulfilling the economic need for a high-end business directory for Gambia, Xippia created an online and stunning environment easily accessible for  companies and visitors. These “Yellow Pages” offers professional online presentations for the Gambian business community with a lot of free and paid options, like building your own affordable mini-website.

Portfolio Xippia

Restaurant Website

Playa Del Sol

Found on the pristine beach of Kotu, Playa del Sol opened in June 2022 and is combining the beauty of the beach with a relaxed setting and home-cooked food inspired by Italian, Moroccan, French, Asian and Gambian food culture. The website shows all the ins and outs of this place with a quick and clean design.

Playa Del Sol Ocean View

Logistics Website

A&M Freight Services UK

A clean and bright presentation for a new player in the logistic market. Using the standard colors – blue and orange – for the transport branch, this freight forward service website is quick, short and clear in their directives and CTA’s (Call to Actions). Our digital marketing team was hired to boost this company all over internet, while a catchy logo was developed.

AM Freight

NGO Website

The Xippia Project

Since TXP Africa extended with many different charity projects, the website needed a complete make-over with easy-to-read information blocks developed by our SEO and content writers. Each project comes with a donation button directly linked to the bank accounts, giving sponsors also a clear overview how much money is needed and so far collected. 

The Xippia Project TXP

Real estate Website

Kololi Sands Complex

A modern look & feel style was created for this luxury apartment complex. The clean-lined architecture of the building reflects in the background of the website pages. A “special effect” was reached with asymmetrical images and text blocks designed to attract as much attention as possible.
Kololi Sands Gambia Apartments

Restaurant Website

Gusto Italian Resto

With an eye on the delicious food Gusto sells, we’ve made this website like a very tasty invitation. Full of delicious images, tasty text, we’ve made it the first restaurant in Gambia with an order online / home delivery system.

About Us

Tourist Website

Forest View Apartments
Due to the great versatility of the apartments, a clear design was chosen that quickly shows all details and amenities. Each page was supplemented with a photo collage which offers the visitor a good view on the interior. A fast and direct booking system was implemented to the major holiday websites like booking.com.
Forest View Apartments 5

High End Solutions

Our web designs and solutions are about cutting to the chase – we are answering your key questions, details and needs to reflect the different personality of each brand.



Our philosophy is to create the kind of website that every business want: Easy to find, easy to use, stylish and appealing, quick loading and responsive.



We focus our entire process on providing everything a client needs. We ensure that working with us is always a quick, easy and a hassle-free experience.